Michael Bergum – Contributing Member of EMAC Recruiting Academy’s Loan Officer Recruiting Network Group

Michael BergumAs the Branch Manager of Marketplace Home Mortgage in Stillwater, Minnesota, Michael Bergum has made a strategic professional affiliation with the Loan Officer Recruiting Network Group. This particular network is under the umbrella of the EMAC Recruiting Academy, an institution that is dedicated to providing mortgage brokers and sales executives with a resource to share their strategies and techniques. Throughout this process, the institution is aimed specifically at helping leaders build teams of ethical, talented, and entrepreneurial “Superstars”.

The process of creating “Superstars” is clearly outlined in the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint. In this framework, the unique processes required to identify and attract top producers are explained in great detail. The strategic understanding of recruiting is included in the first few components of this blueprint as well as how to develop and manage effective recruiting campaigns.

Building your employer brand and value proposition to attract top producers is likewise outlined within this organization. Rebuttals and common objections are discussed within this networking group to further enhance the recruiting process aimed at bringing the “best of the best” on board with any lending organization.

Outside of his professional affiliation with the EMAC Recruiting Academy, Michael Bergum also is the current Branch Manager of Marketplace Home Mortgage. Marketplace Home Mortgage offers a wide variety of lending solutions from first time homebuyers to seasoned owners who wish to refinance. Founded in 1995, the organization has over fifteen years of experience in providing expert home financing solutions to all its clients. Marketplace Home Mortgage is locally owned and operated.

Considering Michael Bergum’s wealth of lending experience, no one can discount the fact that his expertise in the industry is unmatched. Membership and affiliation with the Loan Officer Recruiting Network Group is very exclusive, with affiliation requiring strict requirements and qualifications. Michael Bergum has been successful in balancing his commitments with his professional affiliations with his executive role with Marketplace Home Mortgage.