Easy & Simple Steps to Revitalize Your Home & Life

michael bergum to revitalize your home & life
New Year has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It is the season for looking back on what has transpired the past year including things you never got around to doing, food you should have avoided indulging in, places to see, activities you were planning on trying and so on. After celebrating with family and loved ones and putting away all that holiday décor, now would be a good time to sit down and focus on a little “me” time and set some goals to set you off for the new year. Below are some simple steps to give you an idea towards achieving your goals this year.

Check That Pantry And Fridge

If your goal is to have a healthier and fitter you, making an inventory of what you have in stock will give you a clear picture on your eating habits…what to keep and what to change.

Watching healthy cooking and eating shows as well as signing up for activities that will motivate you to be more active and healthy is must. Change need not be radical or abrupt as this may cause more problems later on. If you are like me that needs more motivation to keep me more active, signing up in a local gym where you can make friends while you work out would be a great idea especially if you have fitness goals in mind as they can relate to the changes you’re going through on your journey to be healthier this 2018.

Planning your meals and sharing your progress through pictures keep you on track and the show of support from family and friends will do wonders to your confidence and motivation. Who knows? You might inspire them to start eating healthy and well too! with healthy snacks in your organized kitchen.

A Cluttered Space Makes For A Cluttered Mind

Like our fridge and pantry, we sometimes lose track of all the stuff we might have accumulated over the years. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to get rid of everything to start afresh! Set aside a time where you can conveniently assess what items should go in what drawer or cabinet and what should be kept in storage for when you might need it again. Organizing your space and minimizing clutter will actually make you feel better as there is more space to move around your home or even office and the sense of accomplishment when you’re done.

Kitchen done, moving on then. Your bedroom is where you prepare for a new day ahead and your own space to relax and unwind. A more attractive bedroom will help you get into the mood for more romance. It should not be buried under piles of dirty laundry, snack wrappers or dirty dishes and other things that should be in other parts of your home instead. Visualize what your serene place should look like. Where would your wardrobe go, what corner should the bed be in, facing the window or away from it. If a piece of furniture or item doesn’t fit that picture, move it to a different part of the house.

Make your bedroom a priority when you declutter.

Have Fun Trying New Things, Showcasing Your Hobbies, Arts And Craft Projects Make Them A Part Of Your Home Decor

If your goal this year is to explore avenues and pursuits you haven’t tried before on your quest to live life to the fullest, why not take up hobbies like painting or other forms of art? Knitting or crocheting is a very rewarding hobby as when you’re done, you might have a new scarf, tea cozy and other items you can use to personalize your space. It need not even be arts and crafts, as one friend of mine finished a relay race and although he didn’t even place, he had his participation certificate framed. He says it is an affirmation of what he is trying to do this year, trying new things and having the gumption to finish them. Just find a way to emphasize what makes you happy. If you are an avid cook, setting up your kitchen in a way that makes you even more comfortable to try new recipes would be best.

Make it easy to access the things you love.

Create Your Own Entertainment Space Where You, Your Family and Loved Ones Can Bond

Now that we’ve tackled your “me” time, making time for other people, connecting with them either by conversation over coffee, having them over for dinner or any enjoyable activity such as game night, movie marathons, craft nights, or book clubs should also be given priority. Entertaining can fall into two categories and you alone can decide how you would like to socialize. Do you prefer small quiet one-on-one bonding with a friend maybe over coffee or dinner, or entertain a large group of friends and family over barbecue, game time or movie night? Whichever of these you would choose in any given day or two, making them feel welcome and comfortable in your home will also make you happy.

Set up a cozy corner ahead of time for that talk with your friend. Have coffee or wine, coasters, a candle or two for an elegant touch and your favorite snacks or food on the ready nearby so that everything’s set up and you will just be waiting for them to arrive. If you love hosting dinner parties, display your best pieces as a reminder that it might be time for that dinner so that you can already send out the invites. For movie nights, a comfortable couch facing your TV, soft cushions for those who prefer the floor and a ready stack of DVDs if you don’t find anything you like is on that night and of course, favorite snacks and drinks! If possible, try to incorporate healthy snacks into your activities, preparing them beforehand for any spontaneous visits. a space for your favorite type of socializing.

One Step At A Time

Sometimes we see people who are able to create their dream home but were unable to enjoy it for longer than they could have. Repairs, home improvement and organizing your home can be daunting tasks that we keep on putting off for various reasons, we don’t have the money right now, overworked or other priorities. By the time they have the time and the money they might be close to or already are in their retirement age and no longer have the passion, the interest and the stamina to pursue what they have been planning for years for their home to look like. There are a lot of helpful videos online or classes in your local area to help any small changes you would like to make that doesn’t involve major repairs or building something only a professional can make. Start setting a time for the changes you want. Let your home grow with you. Make a list to keep track of what you want to change and your progress and check them off as you go. Writing them down makes everything concrete and will be your basis for success.